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A Hymn is a Slice of Faith

Spiritual Food for Thought  - Topic 4
The writer of Amazing Grace gifted each of us with a slice of faith,

and encouragement for our walk of faith and walking in God's grace.

First, he identified himself as a sinner, forgiven, and a receiver of God's grace.  

The writer thanked God for saving him in all of his wretchedness.

During this spiritual awakening the hymnist is not concentrating on the labels and sins of others.

The scales of darkness and the labels of others fell from his eyes,

like the scales that fell from the eyes of the blind man healed by Jesus.

This hymn is inspiration for us in this time in history. When the scales fall from our eyes,

we no longer see with the eyes of labeling. When we see our neighbor with labels such as,

"He's a murderer, she's an adulterer, they are thieves, he's a cheat, she's a gambler," 

 we are not walking in The Way of the Cross.

When the scales fall, from our eyes, we see a Child of God.

We see a brother or sister in Christ Jesus.

The Prescription

S.P. Daily with a Slice of Faith 

Each of us should aim to read a scripture passage (S.P.) daily, followed by one slice of faith (a hymn).

At Ever Praise Music we believe that a hymn is a slice of faith

written by ordinary people for ordinary people on an extraordinary journey.

 God has gifted countless numbers of people with songs in their hearts. They shared their lyrics and melodies with us

in the form of sacred hymns. Take a closer look at one of the sacred hymns and you will find encouragement for your daily walk of faith. Peruse the titles of a sacred hymnal and you will find clues as to the slice of faith found in a particular hymn.

The words of Amazing Grace tell us to let the scales fall from our eyes today.

The journey will be sweeter when we truly see what is right before our eyes.

When the scales fall from our eyes, we realize that, in fact, we were blind. Then, we can see clearly the path before us.

Hymns are examples of the spiritual fruit produced by ordinary people for ordinary people on an extraordinary journey.
This spiritual fruit, or faith fruit, is written by everyday people who walked where we walk, felt what we have felt,

and often did what we have done. These hymns can encourage us on our journey, lead us around obstacles,

teach us how to serve our neighbor, help us stand against principalities and powers,

share with us the praise and glory of the Lord, and witness to all of us about the goodness and mercy of Almighty God.

​View the Hymn "Amazing Grace" 

Lyrics: John Newton

Arranged by Issac Watts and  Hugh Wilson (NBH 135)

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Meditation Moment: God's Grace

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​Scripture Reading...Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:20-24, and II Corinthians 12:9-10
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