Many years ago church members would have a small get-together or gathering to sing songs and hymns and just celebrate the Lord our God.

It is good to know that the tradition continues at the "Stanley Gospel Cafe." 

( A part of the Mount Zion Church of Madison, WI)

Virtual Resources:

Spiritual Guidance and Affirmations:

with  Pastor Serita Jakes 

This EPM page is dedicated to providing a place for spiritual connections based in the Chicago, IL and Wisconsin areas.

Because of the resources of the internet, we may be able to extend our connections around the country,  

and possibly even global connections in the future. As our site administration is from the Chicago area, we will begin here.

The churches highlighted on this page have active Facebook and Youtube Ministries as well as teaching and support ministries on various internet platforms.

Pure Joy !

A Guide to Introspection Going Forward in Love

"Love Conquers Hate"

A Small Sampling of the IL and WI faith communities, with a Huge Impact!

"Working Toward Jesus Justice"

Ever Praise Music:

People of Faith, Chicago Connections

International Television:

A Lifestyle Guide for God's People

with Pastor Charles Stanley

"Wednesday's at the Well"

(A Wednesday Evening Bible Study)

Third Baptist Church of Chicago

Last Week's Sunday Morning Service

Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Madison, WI)

Ever Praise Music

Start the Day with Prayer...

Apostolic Church of God (Chicago, IL)