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​​​​​​We Are One Body

Jesus Taught Us...
...That there is evil in the world, but He didn't dwell on it. 

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.
 "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: 
     I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more 
abundantly."  John 10:10
     He chose the twelve disciples so that we could hear the good news from many different perspectives. The apostles who preached and wrote the books of the 

New Testament wrote from different perspectives as well. 

We should not declare one Gospel message as superior to the others. The Four Gospels teach us, in the broader sense, that these eyewitnesses wrote

the same message, described the same story of the life of Jesus Christ,

but spoke to us from four different perspectives. 

     So many teachers of our present day, actually take the time to critique the good news preached from a different perspective. This needs to stop. The Bible says

"he that hath an ear, let him hear..." The Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today,

and tomorrow. The Spirit will give us the interpretation of the message

or the Spirit will block our hearts from the message which is not

sound doctrine. Trust the Holy Spirit.  We should make no attempt to do the work

of the Holy Spirit ourselves. That is not our place. 

Whether you preach a ministry of encouragement and hope, preach a ministry of conviction of the soul, preach a ministry of action and service,

preach a ministry of the faith of a mustard seed moving mountains, 
preach a ministry of holiness, or preach a ministry of worshipping in spirit and truth, remember what the Bible taught us: "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."

(Romans 8:1)
I have not taken the time to break down exactly what amount of the red letter words

of Jesus tell of evil in the world. Yes, He warned us of the dangers and the wiles

of the enemy. But I truly believe that the majority of the red letter text of the Bible

talks of the Kingdom of Heaven and how to prepare ourselves for The Way

ahead of us.  The parables of Jesus Christ taught about how to love our neighbors,

how to treat our brothers and sisters, how to please God,

and how to increase our faith and our works of faith.

Even when talking about His own passion, death, and resurrection, He used very few words other than saying that there will be suffering. The disciples had no idea of the extent of the suffering or the details and time frame of the trial and crucifixion.

Jesus spoke of the suffering, but He didn't dwell on it. 

What I get from this is not to dwell on the evil that exists. Know that evil is out there, and false teachers are out there. Instead of pondering evil and false teachers,

we can spend our time studying the words of scripture.
Then, trust God who sent the Holy Spirit to lead us in the path that HE wants us to go

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We Are One Body of Christ

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Reigniting the Faith!

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Songs of Faith and Worship to Inspire Young and Old


Walter Hawkins

BeBe Winans

Worship Suggestion:
The sound file is looped.
1. As the song plays the first time, (During Verse 1) make remarks about the challenges people of faith encounter in these trying times. Sometimes we feel that we are alone or don't have any help with our difficulties. Emphasize that the Lord is right here with us on our journey. Just seek to be close to the Lord. He will bring us through ever circumstance, if we trust in Him.
2. As the song continues (During Verse 2 - 3 )read Romans 5: 1-4, and Romans 8: 31, 35-39. Let the song end.
3. When the song restarts, sing Verses 1-3 together.
4. Prayer and Meditation.

"A Hymn is a Slice of Faith"

The writer of Amazing Grace gifted each of us with

a slice of faith, and encouragement for our walk of faith

as well as walking in God's grace. 

First, he identified himself as a sinner, forgiven,

and a receiver of God's grace. He thanked God for saving him

in all of his wretchedness. During this spiritual  awakening.... 


The Promise 

Scripture Reading... I Thessalonians 5:16-23

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Last Week's Prayer and Meditation Hymn:

#346 "Close to Thee"

This Week's Prayer and Meditation Hymn:

#162 "Pass Me Not (O Gentle Savior)"

Pure Joy !

Youtube Hymn Video with Lyrics...

Worship Suggestion:
The sound file is looped.
1. As the song plays the first time, (During Verse 1) make remarks about the story of Zacchaeus. Emphasize that going to God in prayer means to seek the Lord with the enthusiasm of Zacchaeus. God is waiting to hear from us. In prayer we worship, praise, and give thanks. It is also important to ask for the things you need, and pray on behalf of others. This song helps us to prepare for prayer.
2. As the song continues (During Verses 2 - 4) read Luke 19:1 - 10.

Let the song end.
3. When the song restarts, sing Verses 1 - 4 together.
​4. Prayer and Meditation.

Amazing Grace (Instrumental Arr. EPM)

​Scripture Reading...Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:20-24, and

II Corinthians 12:9-10

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Ever Praise Music

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Beyond the Stars

(Music for Three Scriptures)

Scripture Reading...Psalm 148:1-14 (View Scripture)

Scripture Reading...Isaiah 40:1-2, 11, 26-31 (View Scripture)

Scripture Reading... Psalm 147:1-12 (View Scripture)