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As God Has Prospered…

Recently, an eighty-two year old lady took a notion to dress up for her Sunday internet services. Her approach to worship has gotten America's attention in a good way. People are delighted with her story and her resolve to be herself even when at home and in front of the computer screen. In other words, she is just continuing to do what she always does,

and that is to dress for worship as God has prospered her to do.

There are many Bible verses which support what is happening here.

When God delivered His people from slavery in Egypt, He left instructions for worship 

that called for sacrifices of praise, the specifications of the Tabernacle, the attire of the Levites and much more.

God wanted His people to be set apart from the other peoples and tribes of the region.

He wanted a people with reverence for the Tabernacle, the worship experience, the sacrifices,

and the support of the Jewish Religion. Little did the Israelites know that God had plans for them

which would lead to the Holy Temple built by Solomon. 

When Jesus came to earth to fulfill The Law, He was extremely disappointed with those who had attempted

to turn the House of Prayer into a den of thieves. That is to say that the House of God is a place to be revered,

and a place to commune with our Heavenly Father. 

Our eighty-two year old worshipper is just following the Christian Tradition.

She is dressing as God has prospered...

Some may argue that Jesus did not dress up for His visits to the Temple.

Actually, Jesus set the example for us by dressing as God had prospered within His time and ministry on earth.

Jesus was a humble carpenter. He dressed as a humble carpenter.

Jesus had very little money, but what He left here for us is the greatest gift anyone has ever given.

Salvation is the gift that He freely gave to all who seek Him.

I believe that God wants you to dress as He has prospered you, and in accordance with your mission here on earth.

If He has blessed you with the prosperity of Job, dress accordingly, to indicate that you are happy

and grateful for your blessings.

If God has blessed you with humble means, then dress according to your humble experience.  
Your purpose may be different and prosperity may not have a place in your mission.

When the rich man asked to be a disciple, Jesus told the man to sell all that he had and then come

and join the group of followers. Most of us know what happened. The rich man chose not to become a follower. 

What if Jesus had let the man join the disciples with all of his possessions and entourage?

Lots of time each day would have been spent managing the entourage, watering the camels, protecting the rich man's money and possessions etc. The ministry of Jesus would have been sidetracked by the management tasks

of the wealth of the rich man. 

I think there was wisdom in Jesus' request. 

Trying to figure out what to do with and about money, wealth, and prosperity is,

in the words of Jesus, like trying to fit a “camel through the eye of a needle."

In closing, here are some points to ponder:

1. Job was prosperous and his prosperity came directly from God. Prosperity is good, if used wisely, and you are grateful

to God for your blessings. Job did not need to hide his prosperity from others.

Prosperity was proof of God's power to restore.

2. If your mission and purpose are of humble means, know that your reward is down the road here on earth, or an even greater reward is waiting in heaven in the end. Just keep going forward in humility and faith.

3. Whatever happens in your life regarding a mission with prosperity or a mission with humility and simplicity,

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God. "
      (Matthew 6:33)

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