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"​When the Angels Sing with Us"

The music of the angels can bring "Thunderous Worship and Praise!"

Pure Joy !

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The music of the angels can feed the soul...

The music of angels can facilitate prayer...

     Many times in the history of the church, there are instances during worship where we feel that the angels

are singing with us. To take that idea a step further, it may be that the angels are singing through us. In the latter circumstance, we become conduits or vessels of communication as we sing praises to the Lord our God.

     In my early days in the faith, the elders in the church would say that a particular choir member "sings like an angel." This particular phrase was used often on Sunday mornings in reference to individuals, both men and women, as well as in reference to the choir. When speaking of the choir, the elders might say that, "When the choir sang, heaven came down and joined us."

     This page is devoted to sharing examples of just such faith experiences in my life. Angels coming down from heaven to join us in praise occurs in all genres of religious music from Classical Sacred Music, to Sacred Spirituals, 

to Gospel Music. In keeping with this truth, our page is dedicated to all genres of sacred music from all generations.